The Charter on the Rights of the Gifted Students

Goal of the project

The Charter is intended to call the attention and action of all parties involved in making the life and the educational environment of gifted and talented students better, be they politicians, teachers at any level of the education system, potential mentors, tutors, parents or other members of society in Europe and on other continents. The Charter aims to contribute to making society more supportive of gifted and talented young people so they can fulfil their potential and help solve the unprecedented challenges mankind faces in the 21st century.


The Charter was created by students with high ability themselves with the supervision of experts in gifted education and international law. The document was inspired by the Convention of the Rights of the Child, part of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Charter was created during the European Youth Summit 2016 and revised at the European Youth Summit 2017. The final version was released by the European Talent Support Network on 16th October 2017. Supervising finalisation of the Charter were Monica Parodi, Ph.D., specialist in political legislation, and Anna Maria Roncoroni, Ph.D. who was also the organizer of the first Summit in Vienna.