Goal of the project

Not a blog; more like a hub. Not limited to word form articles; we're in the multimedia age. Short stories, singing, that drawing lesson you really enjoyed, your stand-up performance, any and every hobby you might have; it goes up here. If what you've taken up is something you can teach, or you think someone could get anything out of it, we have a specific series for that: Develop your Knowledge. That biochemistry research you're currently occupied with. Your fascination with the potential mechanics behind Harry Potter spells. How gravity is nonsense (we will fact-check, beware). The philosophy behind nihilism. Anything; write what you would want to read. Hit us up with an email for more details!


We'll be publishing four multimedia articles a month, two written from the editor team and two from Youth Platform members. One of them at least will be belonging to the Develop Your Knowledge column. What we’re currently aiming for is to collect a reserve of articles, to be able to queue them in advance.